EcoAssets assists public and private landowners, agencies and businesses with natural resource assessment, habitat restoration design and mitigation, regulatory compliance and critical areas evaluation. Wise stewardship and planning of your natural areas, home, property, business development and related activities is called responsible living.  We learn more each day about our environment and with the growing population and resource demands we want to help you navigate your project amidst these sensitivities.   


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In the Pacific Northwest's socio-political environment we understand the complexities of environmental laws and authorizations. The region's generally conservative protective measures are the primary reasons the Northwest is one of the greatest places to live on the planet. Our wide range of services fits our mission to provide the best solution that helps everyone. Principal Ecologist, Larry Dominguez, has 30 years of experience in fish and watershed ecology, shoreline/flood risk management, river science, regulatory permitting and compliance, & natural resource management. If you want to contact us, please call 360-915-4194 or use our contact e-mail page to see how we can help! If we can't help you, or you have a very specialized need, we can help you find the right person through our regional professional's network. 

We provide environmental consulting services.
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